If you ride a bike we’ve already got something in common…

“At Wheelspin Cycles we like to ride bikes

and we’re here to help as many people as possible ride bikes too.

It’s that simple.”

Yes, we run this business to make a living. But we’re fortunate enough to be included in that tiny percentage of people who work in what we love.

We didn’t jump on the cycling bandwagon in search of a quick buck when it got cool again recently. I’ve personally been working in the industry for 25 years, through good times and bad.

We don’t sell none cycling related products, or run a trendy café in a corner of the store.

We just sell bikes, repair bikes, sell clothing and accessories for bikes, fit bikes to riders, talk about bikes, ride bikes, eat bikes and sleep bikes!

Above all, we want to give great advice and great service to other people who want to ride bikes.

So if you ride a bike, or want to ride a bike, come and see us for the best that cycling has to offer.

Victoria MillsAlbert Street Huddersfield HD1 3PR


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Garmin Edge Explore GPS in White and Black http://www.wheelspincycles.com//images/mad/gm202910.jpg

Garmoin Edge Explore GPS Enabled Computer is the same size screen and the same mapping data as the range topping 1030 but with a focus on route following rather than performance metrics to make this an incredible value package.

Garmin Edge 130 Heart Rate Bundle in Black http://www.wheelspincycles.com//images/gm191306.jpg

Garmin Edge 130 9s a powerful and compact unit with a feature packed punch for the price. This gindle includes the heart rate monitor so you can take your training to the next level.

Garmin Dual Heart Rate Transmitter Ant+ and Bluetooth http://www.wheelspincycles.com//images/mad/gms88300.jpg

The new Dual HRM heart rate transmitter from Garmin transmits on both Ant+ and Bluetooth so it's fully compatible with mobile phonem tablet and PC for indoor training as well as bike computers and GPS units on the road.

Garmin Cadence Sensor Strap Kit in Black http://www.wheelspincycles.com//images/mad/gms210402.jpg

Cadence Sensor Replacement Bands - Pack of 3. Garmin original parts to replace your original sensor bands if they've worn out or you change cranks to a different size.

Garmin Quarter Turn Mount Bands in Black http://www.wheelspincycles.com//images/mad/gms0020.jpg

Replacement Bands For Quarter Turn Bike Mount. Garmin orginal replacement parts. 7 x small bands and 7 x large bands for all size bars.

Garmin Edge 530 GPS Enabled Computer - Dirt Bundle http://www.wheelspincycles.com//images/mad/gm1530.jpg

Edge 530 GPS Enabled Computer - Dirt Bundle. Includes new Edge 530 head unit and off-road specific accessories. Mountain bike mount, remote button, silicone case and speed sensor.

Garmin Edge 830 GPS Enabled Computer - Dirt Bundle http://www.wheelspincycles.com//images/mad/gm1830.jpg

Edge 830 GPS Enabled Computer - Dirt Bundle includes head unit and off road specific accessories. Mountain bike out front mount, remote switch, speed sensor and silicon case.

Garmin Edge 830 GPS Enabled Computer http://www.wheelspincycles.com//images/mad/gm1830.jpg

Edge 830 GPS Enabled Computer - Unit Only. Garmin's new 830 has a new more responsive and high resolution touch screen interface.

Garmin Edge 830 GPS Enabled Comp - Road Performance Bundle http://www.wheelspincycles.com//images/mad/gm2830.jpg

Garmin Edge 830 GPS Enabled Computer - Performance Bundle includes a head unit and performance accessories. Speed, cadence and heart rate sensors with flush out-front mount.

Garmin USB ANT Stick Dongle http://www.wheelspincycles.com//images/MAD/GMS010.jpg USB ANT Stick
Garmin Cadence Sensor in Black http://www.wheelspincycles.com//images/mad/gms072.jpg

The Garmin Cadence Sensor mounts to your crank arm in seconds, does not require a seperate magnet and monitors your cadence on your Garmin or other ANT+ compatible head unit.

Garmin Speed Sensor in Black http://www.wheelspincycles.com//images/mad/gms071.jpg

The Garmin Bike Speed Sensor mounts directly round the hub shell without the need for any tools. It transmits wheel speed data to any Garmin or ANT+ compatible head unit.

Garmin Speed and Cadence Sensor Bundle in Black http://www.wheelspincycles.com//images/mad/gms070.jpg

The Garmin Bike Speed Sensor And Cadence Sensor bunde combines both these useful sensors to save money over buying them seperately. No tools needed to fit.

Garmin Edge 25 HRM GPS with Heart Rate Monitor http://www.wheelspincycles.com//images/edge25.jpg

The Garmin Edge 25 is Garmin's smallest GPS, weighing in at only 25g! This is the head unit and heart rate strap bundle, so you can keep track of your fitness as well as your ride.

Garmin Edge 1030 GPS Performance Bundle with Heart, Cad and Spd Sensor http://www.wheelspincycles.com//images/mad/gm11300.jpg

The Garmin Edge 1030 GPS is the range topping unit from Garmin. You want the best of everything, you got it. The performance bundle adds Heart rate monitor, cadence sensor and speed sensor.

Silverlabel Focus Action Camera 1080p http://www.wheelspincycles.com//images/mad/ga0502a1.jpg

Silverlabel Focus action camera 1080p is an excellent value for money action camera that allows you to record all the action in 1080p or take still images too. Brilliant for action or as a safety camera recording in traffic.

CAMERA Focus Action Cam 720p Silver / Black One Size http://www.wheelspincycles.com//images/mad/ga0503a1.jpg

The Silverlabel Focus action camera 720p makes a great action camera but is such good value that it's ideal as a traffic safety camera. At this price you can afford to have one facing front and one facing rear as well.

Garmin Edge 130 in Black http://www.wheelspincycles.com//images/gm191301.jpg

Garmin 130 is a powerful and compact unit with a feature packed punch for the price. Very crisp screen for easy viewing, simple and straight forward navigation and excellent conectivity options so you can accessorize to your hearts content.

Garmin Edge 530 GPS Enabled Computer http://www.wheelspincycles.com//images/mad/gm1530.jpg

Edge 530 GPS Enabled Computer - Unit Only

Garmin Edge 530 GPS Enabled Comp - Road Performance Bundle http://www.wheelspincycles.com//images/mad/gm2530.jpg

Edge 530 GPS Enabled Computer - Performance Bundle includes a 530 head unit and road specific accessories. Speed, cadence and heart rate sensors with flush out front mount.

Garmin Charge Power Pack extra Battery for 1030, 830, 530 units http://www.wheelspincycles.com//images/mad/gms56200.jpg

Charge Power Pack is a seperate battery that attaches to the under side of compatible Edge mounts to give upto 40 hours of battery life to your Garmin 1030, 830 or 530

Cycliq Fly12 Front Light and Camera http://www.wheelspincycles.com//images/mad/clqfly12.jpg

The Cycliq Fly12 is the perfect cycling 'dash-cam'. Combining a powerful 400 lumen front light a full HD camera that can record a full days riding, for your your safety and entertainment.

Garmin Edge 520 GPS Head Unit in Black and Silver http://www.wheelspincycles.com//images/520.jpg

The Garmin 520 GPS is a bike riding super-coomputer on your handlebars. Record all your favourite ride metrics in an easy to use and compact unit, then upload to Strava etc. to share or save for later.

Silverlabel Focus Action Camera 360 Degree http://www.wheelspincycles.com//images/mad/ga0501a1.jpg

The Silverlabel Focus 360 lets you record your greatest riding triumphs and get a stunning 360 degree view of the action. Upload footage to YouTube, Facebook or other 360 compatible viewer and navigate with phone of computer.

Silverlabel Focus Action Camera 4K http://www.wheelspincycles.com//images/mad/ga0504.jpg

The Silverlabel Focus 4K action camera records in stunning Ultra High Definition 4K to record and enjoy your hero moments on the biggest of screens without loosing any detail.

Silverlabel Focus Action Camera Spare Battery for 360 Camera http://www.wheelspincycles.com//images/mad/ga0511_3.jpg

Spare battery for Silverlabel Focus 360 action camera. More batteries, more action!

Silverlabel Focus Action Camera Spare Battery suits 4K 1080p 720p http://www.wheelspincycles.com//images/mad/ga0512_3.jpg

Spare battery fro Silverlabel Focus action cameras. Suits 4K, 1080p and 720p cameras. Does not fit 360 camera.

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